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Cost Estimating Tutorial

Live demonstration of various types of footings towards residential & commercial construction

This is an exclusive video tutorial for constructional professionals that highlights the various types of foundations generally found in residential and commercial construction. Given below, the examples of these types of foundations:-

Slab on Grade: It is most common type of foundation that includes a footing encircling the perimeter of the structure. It is covered through a slab set on grade.

Piers: These foundations are useful to support posts. These footings intended for above grade that retain posts for above grade structures similar to modular buildings, mobile homes, trellises, patio covers and etc.

Wall foundation: These are useful for retaining walls, restraining walls and perimeter walls concerning modular and above grade buildings. These types of footings are generally made together with masonry or brick walls.

Columns: These footings generally support heavy loads that belong to a single bearing point. As for instance, support beams, front porches, etc...

footings towards residential & commercial construction