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Various types of RCC Beams and their reinforcement details

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Beam stands for a structural member that provides support to the transverse load generally remained with the support at its end. Girder in beam supports one or more minor beam.

Beams are categorized as:
a) Simple Beam
b) Continuous Beam
c) Semi-Continuous Beam

Simple Beam: It is the beam that contains a single span supported at its end devoid of a restraint at the support. Simple beam is also known as simply supported beam. Restraint denotes an inflexible connection or anchorage at the support.

Continuous Beam: It refers to a beam that remains on more than two supports.

Semi-Continuous Beam: – Refers to a beam having two spans with or without restraint at the two extreme ends.

Cantilever Beam:-In this type of beam support is given to one end and the other end projects ‘beyond the support or wall.

T – Beam: The floor slabs and beams are discharged all together to form a monolithic structure where the segment of the slab at both sides of the beam appears as flanges of the T-Beam.

The beam underneath the slab acts as the web member and is often described as stem.


types of RCC Beams and their reinforcement details