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Types of roofing materials used in roof construction

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A roof is constructed with different types of roofing materials. Given below, the detailed lists of various roofing materials :-

Asphalt Shingles - These belong to a type of roof shingles. These are very popular as roofing materials since they are very cost effective and can be easily set up.

Wooden Shakes and Shingles - These belong to thin tapered pieces of wood which are specifically utilized to cover roof of the buildings to create protection against weather.

Slate - It refers to a fine-grained, laminated, uniform metabolic rock that is considered as a very popular roofing material.

Tiles (Clay & Cement) - A tile stands for a fabricated piece of durable material like ceramic, stone, metal etc. It is primarily utilized for wrapping roof.

Concrete Roof - A hard slab of concrete crowning the top of the house. This type of roof safeguards building from storm winds.

Steel Truss Roof - This type of roof is categorized as follow :-

a) Planar Truss - It rests in a single plane. These are generally utilized in parallel to build up roofs.

b) Space frame truss - It belongs to a 3D framework of members nailed at their ends.

Fiber Roof - A plastic or fiber sheet having specific length, width and depth is applied as roofing material.

ACC (Asbestos cement sheet) - It comprises of either corrugated sheets or semi corrugated sheets as settled.

GI (Galvanized iron sheet) - Corrugated galvanized iron sheet (CGI) is normally utilized with temporary roofing and permanent roofing (profile coated roof).

Types of roofing materials used in roof construction