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Unique Software Solutions by Topcon for Construction Estimation

Construction Software

The Topcon Positioning Unit has introduced an updated MAGNET system of software package that has two advanced modules.

According to the David Ahl, director of software product management, the new MAGNET v3.1 software package will help to made material-driven appraisal and expeditiously administer cargo routes to reduce huge time and scale back prices. This introduction will empower users to get and share price projections and anticipate time-conscious projects before ever breaking ground.

From its outset, the software has yielded a riskless and sharable podium to attach project boss and their teams in real time. Currently the system has an excellent management tool for the construction industries we tend to serve. Previously the users had to perform several steps of providing bids and measures but these updated workplace modules will make a huge dominance, reportedly told by the Ahi.

By this MAGNET Office software users can easily import layout data from a variety of industry file formats, proclaim the cost and type of construction goods to be used, and work precisely with borehole advice. By using this essential data estimators can now create and share definite figure and cost estimation within a lone software system give an ambitious influence to calculate and envision as well as provide true and details bids to the respective clients informed by Ahl.

The new software designed for calculating process through the planning of materials packing. Designing information like road alignment clue and goods variety will directly sent to the Mass Haul Module where the foremost price effective choices may be dogged, visualized, and shared. Overall information will be available to haul costs and decisive direction.

This new MAGNET Office software modules will save days of work that was commonly done by several files formats by the help of several software packages. Presently Topcon is delivering spontaneous layout estimate and preparing solution within the New software, creating the hole construction process smooth said by the director of software product management.

The existing users of the MAGNET software can upgrade to the 3.1 series promptly.

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Unique Software Solutions by Topcon for Construction Estimation