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Some existing & upcoming crucial construction projects in USA in 2015

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In recent years, we noticed significant growth in commercial construction projects in the US. The expansion is mainly happened in high rises to high rises to highways, every commercial project as well as large-scale construction projects.

Given below, some examples of significant commercial construction projects in USA.

As per the statistics of United States Census Bureau's Metropolitan Statistical Areas, commercial construction projects in New York, N.Y. surpassed the $20 billion mark in 2014 alone. Dallas and Houston were in second position having $11.1 billion in commercial construction projects. Other remarkable cities belong to Los Angeles and Miami, which both surpassed the $6 billion mark in commercial construction projects.

Infrastructure projects: Infrastructure projects are being developed at a rapid rate in metropolitan areas all over the United States. As for instance, O'Hare International Airport restoration project is funded with $8.8 billion to provide greater support to the 65 million passengers that fly through the airport annually. The Dulles International Airport in Washington, D.C. is also revamped and has a new 20-mile transportation system amounting $6.2 billion.

In highways, the Volkert engineering firm made a contract for $2.3 billion highway project that facilitates to lessen traffic on the Interstate 4 stretch connecting Orlando and Tampa.

The commercial construction project will include 21 miles of interstate and projected completion time will be 6.5 years.

The airport projects above are backed with financial support from the federal level as well as from passenger fees. The Florida interstate project is mainly dependable on federal grants and supported with the state's toll system.

Upcoming interstate construction: To cope up with the increased population, the United States is enclosed with highways, byways, and interstates. At present, there exist two crucial interstate additions projects which will be developed in future - Interstate 11 and Interstate 41.

Instate 11 will pass through Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona and finish in Las Vegas, Nevada, which contains 300 miles of roadway. Interstate 41 will pass through 175 miles from Russell, Illinois to Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Other interstate projects consist of routes in the Southeast, Midwest, and Northeast covering hundreds of miles in new interstate.

upcoming crucial construction projects in USA in 2015
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