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How cement is applied in different types of engineering structures

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Now-a-days, the cement is taken as the most vital construction material for constructing different types of engineering structures.

Cements may be applied independently (i.e., “neat,” as grouting materials), but generally the cement is combined with mortar and concrete through inactive material called aggregate to develop a sturdy binding material. Go through the following points to learn the diverse usages of cement:

1. The most crucial application of cement is to produce concrete and mortar.
2. Cement mortar is useful for masonry work, plaster, pointing, etc.
3. Cement concrete is applied for placing floors, roofs, constructing lintels, beams, weather sheds, stairs, pillars, etc.
4. It is utilized for developing vital engineering structures like bridges, culvert, dams, tunnels, storage reservoirs, light houses, docks, etc.
5. It is also applied for building water tanks, tennis courts, septic tanks, lamp posts, roads, telephone cabins, etc.
6. It is applied for creating joints for drains, pipes, etc.

7. It is utilized for manufacturing precast pipes, garden seats, artistically designed urns, flower pots, dust bins, fencing posts, etc.
8. It is applied for formation of foundations, watertight floors, footpaths, etc.
9. It is used for developing fire-proof structures in the form of concrete as well as building acid-resistance and water-resistant structures.
10. Colored cement is used for beautifying or coloring the structures.
11. It can be used to shotcrete (a term for both wet-mix and dry-mix versions) the tunnel or geological walls to make the structure strong.

Some of the cons of cement:

1. Structure once constructed with cement, can’t be dis-positioned or reused as well as reprocessed like plastics or steels.

2. Cement structure are very weighty. So, while constructing skyscrapers, cement is substituted with steel structures.

Use Of Cement In Construction