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Some useful guidance to place reinforcement in RCC staircase

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Stairway, staircase, stairwell, flight of stairs or plainly stairs stand for a construction which are designed to connect a enormous vertical distance by splitting it into smaller vertical distances known as steps Stairs are available in straight, round or may comprise of two or more straight pieces associated at angles.

The construction workers always find it difficult to place staircase reinforcement. In the following construction video tutorial, you will learn the standard reinforcement placement of a straight staircase throughout construction of a building.

Reinforced concrete is considered as the most effective materials among all other materials for stair construction.

Given below, the benefits of RCC staircase :-

a. It has strong fire resistance capacity
b. It has good longevity and pleasing appearance and it is smoothly delivered non-slippery.
c. It can be designed for larger widths, longer extent as well as any height
d. It can be moulded in different forms to meet the needs of the architects

e. It has fewer maintenance cost
f. It can be pre-cast or cast-in-situ

For a elegant look, it can be coated with thin slabs of stone, marble tiles or terrazzo finish.

To gather more information, watch the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Civil Engineering

Some useful guidance to place reinforcement in RCC staircase