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Some useful tips to study civil engineering drawings

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In this construction video tutorial, the renowned engineer Mr. Parag Pal sheds light on different types of civil engineering drawings which range from line sketch, plan/section/elevation, site plan, service plan etc. You will also come to know various applications of these drawings.

Line sketch refers to the drawing that is needed prior to commencement of the construction work. It also provides specific ideas on what should be constructed.

Plan, section and elevation are three major parts of the construction to obtain the idea and accomplish the specific plan for the construction. Plans belong to more like strategic drawings where you search for organizational strategies.

Sections are more of like spatial strategies. From section and elevation, it is possible to know the thickness, width, height etc.

A site plan refers to a large scale drawing that demonstrates the full area of the site for the current or projected development. Site plans, together with location plans, are essential for planning applications.

In various cases, site plans are developed on the basis of a series of desk studies and site investigations.

To get more clear ideas, go through the following video tutorial.

Video Source: Parag Pal

Some useful tips to study civil engineering drawings