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Some vital points for site civil engineer

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Before visiting the construction site, a civil engineer should be familiar with specific vital factors like basic terms, codes, values, tests etc.

Test on Fresh Concrete:

1. Slump Test – Workability.
2. Compacting Factor.
3. Vee- Bee Test.

Test on Hardened Concrete:

1. Rebound Hammer Test.
2. Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Test.

Densities of Several Construction Materials

Steel = 7850kg/Cum
brick=1682kg/cum or 1920kg/cum
sand=1100to 1600kg/cum
R.C.C-2500kg/cum (5% STEEL)
CRUSHED BRICK-950-1250kg/cum

Some Vital Points to Consider:

1. Least thickness of slab should be 125 mm.
2. Water absorption should be under 15 %.
3. Dimension tolerance for cubes + – 2 mm.

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4. Lapping should not be provided for the bars with diameters in excess of 36 mm.
5. Maximum chair spacing should be 1.00 m (or) 1 No per 1m2.
6. For dowels rod, the diameter should be minimum of 12 mm.
7. The bars with minimum diameter of 12 mm should be utilized for chairs.
8. Longitudinal reinforcement should not remain under 0.8% and over 6% of gross C/S.
9. Minimum bars for square column should be 4 No’s and 6 No’s for circular column.

10. Main bars in the slabs should not be under 8 mm (HYSD) or 10 mm (Plain bars) and the distributors should not be below 8 mm and not in excess of 1/8 of slab thickness.
11. Least thickness of slab is 125 mm.
12. Dimension tolerance for cubes + 2 mm.
13. Free fall of concrete is permitted maximum to 1.50m.
14. Lap slices should not be utilized for bar greater than 36 mm.
15. Water absorption of bricks should not be in excess of 15 %.
16. PH value of the water should not be under 6.

17. Compressive strength of Bricks is 3.5 N / mm
18. In steel reinforcement necessary binding wire should be 8 kg per MT.
19. In soil filling as per IS code, 3 samples should be selected for core cutting test for each 100m2.
20. Compressive strength of Bricks should be 3.5 N /mm2 .

Some vital points for site civil engineer