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Learn the steps to work out the volume of concrete in slab and beam

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In this construction video tutorial, you will learn the process for working out the volume of concrete in slab and beam based on building plan.

Calculation of Volume of concrete for Slabs:

A slab contains the shape of a rectangle. To measure the volume of concrete necessary for the slab, determine the surface area of the slab and then multiply it with the depth/thickness of slab.

Assume, Length = 6m, Breadth = 5m and thickness/depth of the slab = 0.15m

Volume of Concrete = Area of rectangle x Depth

Area of Rectangle = Length x Breadth

The Volume of concrete = Length x Breadth x Depth = 6x5x0.15=4.5m3

So, 4.5m3 of concrete will be needed to construct the above slab.

It should be kept in mind that all values should be calculated in measuring unit m.

Estimation of volume of concrete for the column:

The column is available in different types of shapes like rectangular or circular or hexagonal etc.

Volume of concrete = Surface Area x Depth

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Rectangular column:

Assume, Length = 0.6m, Breadth=0.4m, Height of column = 3m

Work out the top surface area and multiply it with the depth or height of the column.

Volume of Concrete = 0.6×0.4×3= 0.72m3

Circular column:
Assume, radius of circle = 0.25m.
Volume of concrete for circular column = Surface Area of Circle x height of column.
Volume of Circular column = πr2 x 3 = 3.14 x 0.252 x3 = 0.58m3

To get more clear ideas, watch the following civil engineering video tutorial presented by the renowned Civil Engineer, Mr. Dipak Kumar.

Video Source: Civil Engineer Deepak Kumar

Learn the steps to work out the volume of concrete in slab and beam