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How to find out the volume of steel in a circular arch

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This construction video tutorial is created to teach you how to estimate the quantity for a circular arch.

Arcs are calculated in two methods like as the measure of the central angle, or as the length of the arc itself.

Here the radius of the arc is taken as 6.5 ft
The thickness of the arc is 12 inch = 1 ft
Both the height and width of the cross section of the arc is 1 ft.
We know the formula for full circle arc is P = 2 πR (here P stands for parameter)
By dividing it with 2 we get 2 πR/2 = πR, therefore, P = πR
This is the formula for half circle
By putting the value, we get P = 3.142 x 6.5 = 20.423 ft

To transform this into straight line, use the following formula :-

A = Pxb (Here A stands for Area, P for Parameter and b for breadth)
By putting value, we get = 20.423 x 1 = 20.423 ft2

To find out the volume of the arc, you should apply the following formula :-
V = A x d = 20.423 x 1 = 20.423 Cft

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Video Source: Civil Engineers

How to find out the volume of steel in a circular arch