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Transform your chasing job in walls & partition walls next level with MACROZA Wall Chasing machines

With its unique design and remarkable performance, MACROZA Wall Chasing machines can streamline & speed up the chasing job in walls and partition walls. Thus the constructional professionals can save huge cost & time in their construction projects.

MACROZA Wall Chasing machines provide perfect solution for professionals contractors as it can simplify the complex processes for embedding wires, conduits, pipes toward the electrical, plumbing heating and air-conditioning industries.

Presently the MACROZA brand is available in over 25 countries worldwide in different models like MACROZA Milling Cutter Wall Chasers M80, M95 and SC200.

Diamond blade Wall Chaser MACROZA D2 is specifically designed to open chases (wall cutting) in greatly rigid & harsh materials like concrete, precast concrete or stone.

MACROZA’s cutting device refers to a Tungsten Carbide tipped milling blade of exclusive design. Presently there are 14 various types of cutters in two series: Standard RZ and Premium RD.

High capacity dust collector MACROZA MCV1. MACROZA Wall Chasers M95 and SC200 can be integrated to a dust collection device if intense cleanness is required.

Go through the following construction video to get some demonstration :-

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