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West Point Bridge Designer 2015 – A useful program for bridge design

Construction Software

Engineering Encounters has developed West Point Bridge Designer 2015. With the West Point Bridge Designer 2015, the engineers can improve their practical design skills.

This useful construction software contains a series of tools to model, analysis, and optimize a steel highway bridge, on the basis of genuine specifications, constraints, and performance criteria.

The West Point Bridge Designer will simplify the engineering design process to a great extent. WPBD 2015 for windows supports Windows XP or newer version and WPBD 2015 for Macintosh supports Mac OS X 10.7.3 (Lion) or later.

WPBD 2015 offers the following functionalities :-

  • The users will be provided with a provision to design a steel truss bridge to design a two-lane highway over a river.
  • The users will be able to select from wide array of diverse site configurations for any bridge which can be executed in a dissimilar method.
  • In order to create a design for your bridge, just sketch a picture of it on the computer screen.

  • After finishing the initial design, it can be verified with the West Point Bridge Designer will test your bridge, to ensure that the bridge has proper strength to bear the assigned highway loads. The verification process consists of a full-color animation focusing on a truck crossing your bridge. If the design is stable, the truck can easily cross it; if not, the structure will fall down.
  • In case the bridge fall down, the stability of If can be increased by modifying the properties of the structural components used to construct the bridge, or by modifying the configuration of the bridge itself.
  • If the bridge can properly bear the highway loading devoid of failing, then the design can be altered to reduce its cost whereas still assuring that it is well-built to bear the specified loads.

Link for download West Point Bridge Designer 2015

West Point Bridge Designer 2015