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Updated Construction/Civil Engineering News and Spreadsheet

West Point Bridge Designer 2015 A useful program for bridge design

Excel based construction program to estimate reinforcing bars

How to make concrete water-resistant

Steel Connection Studio v11.0.02 is a useful software for engineers

Demonstration of PDF Quick Scale and Measurement tool

FlexBeam is a useful construction app to estimate the stress and deflection of beams

Slab Beam Detailing and Bar Bending Schedule

Updated Construction Tutorial and Jobs

Ribbed and Waffle Slabs Construction

How to apply Interaction Diagram to determine column strength

How to fabricate and place tolerances for perfect reinforced concrete design

Download Reinforced concrete Strip Footing Design Spreadsheet

Verify and Design of the Concrete members of any structure with Safi Concrete

How to construct a rope bridge by using flying machines

A position is vacant for Quantity Surveying & Cost Planning Group Lead