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2016 GLASER STX for SketchUp

SketchUp Tutorial

This sketchup plugin supports SketchUp 2014, SketchUp 2015, SketchUp 2016 as well as windows platform.

With STX (Section Tool eXtended), the sketchup users get the ability to efficiently generate easy sections containing individual depth and make differentiation amid visible, cut and hidden elements. These are displayed in the preview through diverse colors. Sections are exportable as DXF or GLASER -isb cad-.

From 3D-model to construction drawings: GLASER STX provides the classification of any cut depth as well as offers functionalities to independently deal with the section drawings and make the process superior for exporting to GLASER isb cad (a recognized German CAD-Software for construction engineering – or into the DXF-format.

The unnecessary construction elements in the construction drawing like hidden edges can be easily refined. The same is applicable to 3D-layers for various components, which also can be exported. So, at the end, you can obtain a construction drawing exactly custom-made to your needs which can be tramitted to GLASER isb cad right away or saved in DXF-format.

This sketchup plugin can be used to smoothly characterize any section planes having individual cutting depths and transmit them to GLASER isb cad.


  • Generate numerous sections in X-,Y- or Z-directions.
  • Identify individual section depths directly in the 3D-model.
  • Preview with group and layer selection .
  • Transmit section drawings directly to GLASER -isb cad-.
  • Export of section drawings to DXF-File.

Link for download 2016 GLASER STX for SketchUp.

2016 GLASER STX for sketchup