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2DXY SlickMoves (2.0.0) for Sketchup

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Barry Milliken develops 2DXY SlickMoves for sketchup. The most updated version is SlickMoves 2.0. Now this newest version can deal with custom Axes which are already set with the Axes tool in sketchup.

This sketchup extension supports SketchUp Make or SketchUp Pro 2016 and later.

2DXY SlickMoves contains 14 useful tools for managing Components and Groups. The intuitive tools of 2D graphic can develop any plane in 3D shape.

This sketchup extension offers the following functionalities :-

  • Rotate around Z axis following any angle (2 tools)
  • Mirror around center X or Y (2)
  • Resize (absolute or incremental) (1)
  • Align (Left, Center, Right; Top, Middle, Bottom) (6)
  • Equal Space (amid objects or connecting their centers) (2)
  • Demonstrate the Active Plane and XY Axes (1)

Link for download 2DXY SlickMoves (2.0.0) for Sketchup

2DXY SlickMoves for Sketchup