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Get high class 3d plants with PlantFactory 2014.6 & PlantFactory Exporter

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E-on software just released PlantFactory 2014.6 and VUE 2014.6. PlantFactory 2014.6 will be the most updated version of PlantFactory, the ground-breaking tool for generating as well rendering high-class 3D plants. VUE 2014.6 adds a new wing to the Vue series. Vue is a useful software for producing, animation and rendering of natural 3D atmospheres.

Besides, E-on software also launches PlantFactory Exporter that facilitates the customization and export of static plant models of unrestricted resolution at free of cost.

The existing users of PlantFactory can upgrade to this newest version at free of cost. PlantFactory 2014.6 comes up with the following advanced features:-


  • The new EULA now aids in selling or allocating static plant models generated through PlantFactory
  • TPF models can be sent easily through new incorporated private sharing mechanism
  • There is new menu command that facilitates the distribution of plants with the community on the Cornucopia3D Exchange Area easily.


  • Export functionality becomes more improved to all 3D apps
  • New export presets (customized to several apps)
  • New export options which range from implanted alpha, texture relative path, axis system
  • Superior export of material lighting
  • Export speed is augmented significantly
  • New FREE PlantFactory Exporter - unlimited resolution, complete parametric control


  • Two-level publication ensures the users regarding the availability of parameters outside of PlantFactory
  • New Input selector node

Updated Content:

  • The plant graphs of all samples are totally modified for superior readability and smooth understanding

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PlantFactory 2014.6 can be accessible as a free update for all existing PlantFactory users.

PlantFactory Exporter – With it, one can avail limitless resolution plants with complete parametric control. This Free version of PlantFactory is compatible with various leading 3D application like 3DS Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Softimage, LightWave, Modo, etc. The Users can now buy any plant species according to their choice and create variations, fine-tune age, health, seasons and other custom settings as well as export the plants as static 3D objects which can be applied in other 3d applications.

PlantFactory 2014.6 Exporter contains the following features:-

  • Alter the resolution of exported objects
  • Change season, age, health and other custom settings
  • Enjoy unrestricted export resolution

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Get high class 3d plants with PlantFactory 2014.6 and PlantFactory Exporter