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3ds Max 2016 Extension 2 is launched with some advanced features

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Autodesk just introduced 3ds Max 2016 Extension 2 for global 3ds Max users. This newest update offers the availability of new tools as well as enhancements in workflow. Now formation of 3d assets for design visualization & content creation process become easier.

3ds Max 2016 Extension 2 provides the following exclusive features :-

Improvements with Max Creation Graph: Generate, control and employ shapes and splines having new nodes; import bitmaps and simulation data like CSV or Open VDB files; and more.

Access Print Studio with a simple click: Start Autodesk Print Studio and export 3ds Max files for 3D printing with a single mouse click.

Simple Simulation Data Import: Import and animate perfect simulation data, and visualize how it modifies in due course of time through 3ds Max lighting and rendering tools.

Text and Shape Map: Apply objects as a mask to generate custom decals, graffiti and other text -based graphics arbitrarily devoid of closing 3ds Max.

Improved Text Tool: Font names will be displayed in the font type, accelerating the process for locating fonts while apply Text Tool to provide textures, animations and effects to text.

Texture Object Mask: Perfectly generate, assign and animate numerous materials without any trouble and employ any shape to manage the application of materials to an object.

The Autodesk users can access 3ds Max 2016 Extension 2 on subscription contracts only.

For more information, visit 3ds Max 2016 Extension 2

3ds Max 2016 Extension 2