Sketchup Plugin

Sketch, edit and list fundamental building elements with LSS Arch for sketchup

SketchUp Tutorial

Krill B has developed LSS Arch for sketchup. This commercial sketchup extension is cost at $200.00 and one can buy it from sketchup extension warehouse. The plugin only supports sketchup 2015 and windows platform.

The sketchup users can use this plugin to sketch, edit and record fundamental building components ranging from walls, columns, beams, slabs, slope objects like roofs, openings etc.

The sketchup users can produce objects with LSS Arch Extension Tools and later on recreate manually edited objects as well as modify parameters of the selected objects.

The sketchup users will be able to insert text labels through naming information in batch manner and build up lists (reports) providing information on selected objects which were previously generated through LSS Arch extension tools.

How to turn on LSS Arch Toolbar:

  • Go to main menu then select view and toolbars and open toolbar dialog box.
  • Locate 'LSS Arch' toolbar inside the wide array of toolbars.
  • Activate 'LSS Arch' toolbar by clicking on the adjacent checkbox.
  • (optional) right-click anyplace in the toolbar area of sketchup and turn on 'LSS Arch' toolbar through pop-up menu

For getting more updates, visit sketchup extension warehouse

LSS Arch for sketchup