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Modelur for sketchup – A useful sketchup extension for parametric urban design

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Modelur is a sketchup extension useful for urban designer that can make and alter parametric buildings. The sketchup users can directly access this sketchup extension through extension warehouse as well as from as an installer download.

Modelur is presently in beta stage. Before it is available for commerce application, a pre-beta testing program is launched to facilitate the users for getting first hands-on experience to utilize the application at free of cost.

This ground-breaking 3D application for parametric urban design provides the following benefits:-

  • fast design of built environment,
  • quick response to altered conditions of planned site,
  • automatic alteration of built environment,
  • quick formation of diverse variants of urban design solution,
  • get rid of errors issued by incorrect building articulation and
  • constant supervision of achieved urban control values.

Link for download

Watch the following video to learn how this sketchup extension works.

A useful sketchup extension for parametric urban design