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AmbientOcclusion Lite & AmbientOcclusion Pro for Sketchup

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Fluid Interactive, Inc is the creator of Ambient Occlusion for sketchup. This sketchup plugin is compatible with SketchUp 2013, SketchUp 2014 and SketchUp 2015. This sketchup plugin is available in two different version alias AmbientOcclusion Lite and AmbientOcclusion Pro.

AmbientOcclusion Lite: It produces visualization rapidly. With a simple click the users can generate visually impressive demonstration of their 3d models as well as feature space and relations amid objects.

Download a 15-days trial version for free.

AmbientOcclusion Pro: This version allows users to include colors, textures and depth of-field effect for making the visualization quality superior.

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Watch the following sketchup youtube video for complete demonstration.

ambient occlusion for sketchup