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Jacob Samuel develops Bezier Curve Manager. It is a useful sketchup extension that supports only sketchup 2015 as well as Mac & Windows platforms.

It contains a wide array of tools to deal with nonrational (and rational Bezier curves. In order to turn on tools/icons, the users have to choose a nonrational (bezier-curve-tool) as well as rational Bezier Curve (rational-bezier-curve-tool) which are accessible in the Tools menu and in the right mouse button context menu and in view>toolbars under Bezier Curve Manager.

Apply Weight points to edit – Pick a weight point, denoted by triangles and shift it by the side of its control polygon line like a shape parameter to manipulate the shape of the curve.

To put in weights clearly, hover the cursor over the control point for which the weight will be modified. After that it will be highlighted in green. Now put the new weight as per your choice, devoid of moving the cursor away from the control point, and hit enter or return.

The curve can also be edited by moving the control points, control lines or points on the curve.

Change Degree - The existing degree of the chosen curve is shown in the Value Control Box(VCB). To modify the degree, provide the new value according to your choice and press enter or return.

Add or Delete Control Points - Include control points to the chosen curve by clicking at your preferred locations. To delete, click on the avoidable control points.

Change Number of Segments - The number of segments which show and symbolize the chosen curve is exposed in the Value Control Box(VCB). To change it, put the new value according to your choice and press enter or return.

Subdivide - Subdivide the chosen curve by selecting the point(s) as per your choice to subdivide it at. Apply this to produce shapes which are excessively complicated for a solitary Bezier curve to handle or to trim off parts of the unnecessary.

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Bezier Curve Manager for Sketchup
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