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Cadman Report Tools is another useful sketchup extension developed by Cadman. It supports SketchUp 2015, SketchUp 2016, SketchUp 2017, SketchUp 2018, SketchUp 2019.

It is based on a simple CSV spreadsheet and it helps to view, manage and report design information from a model in different ways.

The Cadman Report Tools assign attributes on files and components.

They read from a CSV spreadsheet containing headers and rows of values. The vital point is that the FIRST COLUMN should include a component name or a sketchup filename. The rest of the columns may contain any information necessary for each component in your inventory, as for instance cost per unit, power requirements, product numbers suppliers, availability etc.

A simple CSV Header Data file contains two rows. The top row belongs to the Headers or category fields for each successive row. The top row of values is utilized by the labeler to create the Input dialog, and the second row of values is the default values for the dialog box.

The Cadman Report Tools are developed to adopt input from any CSV file.

Three sample header files exist in the user Plugins/ Cadman Report Tools folder for your use to start with. The tools read from this Header & Data file to create forms and reports.


1. Generate Report- Produces a report from a user specified dictionary (from drop down list)
2. Color and Sizes Report- Creates a report of colors (materials) and component sizes (x,y,z)
3. Batch Label All Attributes- Allots attributes to components depending on a selected spreadsheet
4. Make Individual Attributes- Separately allot attributes to components on the basis of a selected spreadsheet
5. Product Page URL- Allows you to choose a component and launch a website from the attached attribute
6. Model Info Report- Creates a text file with all layer names and component names inside a file or selection

7. 3D Library- Exports all components in the active file to a 3DLib folder under the existing model.
8. Remove all Attributes- Clears a dictionary out of a file and all its components

Video Source: Mark Carvalho

Cadman Report Tools for Sketchup