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LGM, the solution provider in visualization & modeling for the architecture, engineering and development sectors, develops CADspan for sketchup. This sketchup plugin supports SketchUp 2014 & SketchUp 2015.

The Plugin is used to produce 3D Printable STL files without any problem.

The CADspan plugin combines a toolset which can turn any SketchUp model to 3D Printable. There exists a tool facilitating users to categorize any layers to detach sections for printing, a tool to make the model unsmooth in order that the users will be to fine-tune curved faces as required, a Calculator to create plan for tolerances on your model at your preferred 3D Print scale, a visualizer for detecting holes in your model and finally the CADspan engine to rematerialize your model on the cloud that can produce a single, water resistant, solid STL file for 3D Printing.

An STL can be exported from the CADSpan in two ways:-

  • Export a drawn STL ensuring that the model is water resistant
  • Upload & process the model

While processing the model, CADSpan will take out all of your interior geometry and give you with a single, water resistant, exterior shell as a STL file.

Watch the following online demo

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CADspan Plugin for Sketchup