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ConDoc v4 Teaser 10 will come soon

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ConDoc Version 4 Teaser 10 is awaiting to be launched by Brightman Designs. The ConDoc Tools version 4 computerizes & simplify the layers, styles, and scenes to allow assembling drawings in LayOut more rapidly.

Setting up scenes in sketchup is very complicated and time-consuming. Sketchup involes 12 steps to generate one drawing. The ConDoc section tool can resolve this issue by producing 4 drawings instantly. While arranging a section cut, ConDoc automatically label the it produces on the basis of the drawing it will turn into.

This newest version contains the following exclusive features :-

ConDoc 4 is 100% configurable.

It is possible to generate any drawing, for any industry with any layers, and in any visual style.

The ConDoc Default Template utility scenes are now developed into the ConDoc System window, so a template is not required anymore.

ConDoc 4 comprises of supplementary drawing sets for Architects, Interior Designers, and various others to follow shortly after launch.

You will get the ability to make your own drawing sets, apply your own layers and styles, modify the supplied drawings, and distribute the set with a .condoc file.

The ConDoc Export applies the new LayOut API to produce custom ConDoc Drawing scrapbooks on demand for each project.

Drag and drop all the finished drawings in LayOut; no more placeholders to re-link and re-render!

There exist different types of new drawings along with framing plans and electrical plans.

It is now possible to accumulate viewports for elevations, sections, and perspectives to get a extensive range of visual styles.

In this regard, Mike Brightman, the renowned sketchup trainer, has presented the following exclusive video tutorial to demonstrate the functionality of ConDoc.

To download a trial version, go through the following link

Video Source: Brightman Designs

ConDoc v4 Teaser 10 will come soon