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Basic differences among Sketchup Pro and Sketchup Free

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The free version of sketchup was known as SketchUp Make that is available for download. Later on, it is updated to SketchUp Free.

The pro version contains several advanced tools for modeling and designing presentations for professionals.

There is selection of accessible tool set in free version which is very useful for the beginners sketchup users.

SketchUp Pro comprises of various fancy presentation tools which are absent in the free version.

The Sketchup model is mainly demonstrated by exporting an image of it. The users can perform it with free version but the quality is not superior as compared to Pro version.

The professional users who prefer to produce renders from their 3D models would opt for Sketchup pro since it lacks in Sketchup free.

The pro version comprises of nice render-making tools which make the image of a 3D model better.

With SketchUp Pro, it is possible to create walkthrough animations. In this ways, any 3D model can be demonstrated in an efficient manner.

So, it can be said that Sketchup Pro is best suited for work presentations, but if is not required immediately, don’t go for Pro version.

Another benefit of SketchUp Pro is the inclusion of “sandbox tools” for terrain modeling. These tools are very useful for professional architects.

The terrain modeling tools facilitate the users to simulate the surrounding for your house 3D model in real time. As soon as terrain simulation is completed, just combine your 3D house model to have a great looking project.

Besides the sandbox tools, professionals often depend on so-called “solid tools”. Those tools enable you to easily make cutouts, connect two complex shapes together, or even create perfect joinery in a matter of seconds with the overlapping tool.

By integrating LayOut with SketchUp Pro, it turns to be a very robust tool for generating great looking, perfect schematics and construction plans. It lacks in Sketchup free.

In SketchUp Pro, it is possible to create 3D models from 2D PDF construction plans. Just import the PDF, compute it, and extrude the model into 3D. This feature is absent in Sketchup Free.

There are numerous extensions available in Sketchup Pro to simplify the process for modeling complex shapes. These extensions can be downloaded from 3D Warehouse, an extensive online respiratory of 3D models and extensions for SketchUp users. The extensions are unavailable in Sketchup Free.

If you are advanced level users of sketchup, you will require the tools which only can be accessed in Sketchup Pro. So, if you are a professional user of sketchup, just opt for Sketchup Pro.

If you are a newbie in 3D modeling, don’t dive into SketchUp Pro. The free version is a great way of perceiving the software’s layout, making it easy to come to a decision if SketchUp suits you.

Basic differences among Sketchup Pro and Sketchup Free