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Jack S is the developer of Builder Free for Sketchup Extension. This sketchup plugin supports SketchUp 2016 and windows platform.

The sketchup users can apply this sketchup extension for 2D and 1D automatic nesting, cost calculation and cutlist formation. With it, one can obtain cost estimates quickly while making drawing. Builder can also generate graphical cutlists for sheet materials and strip materials to speed up construction process in an efficient manner.

For applying Builder, just put all the materials used in your project in the 'Edit Materials' window and Builder will automatically allot them to components in your model on the basis of their dimensions. Builder will also detect any dimensioning omissions in the model or components devoid of a matching material.

Different sorts of parts like sheet materials, strip materials and unit parts are supported and set through the component name (e.g. bolts, one-off items etc.).

Output Options

The users can run this sketchup extension after set up any model as well as materials list. Choose the parts of any model according to your choice and apply Builder. Afterwards, select the ‘B’ button in the toolbar that contains 3 output options :-

  • Quick View: this provides an instant costs overview inside SketchUp and find out the costs of your project till now.
  • HTML: This section is intended for printing and when there is a more finalised version of your project. An HTML document is created with a demonstration of costs and optimised graphical custlists for both strip materials and sheet materials to simplify the cutting process for parts.
  • XLSX: This produces a spreadsheet containing formulas included to be applied for ordering and budget tracking after completion of the design.

Link for download Builder Free for Sketchup Extension.

Builder Free for Sketchup Extension
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