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SketchUp Tutorial

Skema Survey is a useful sketchup extension that supports sketchup 2015 and sketchup 2016.

This extension facilitates the users to build trilateration for a proper plan rebuilding that originates from survey measurements.

Skema Survey for sketchup is compatible with both Sketchup Make and Pro.

Pick an Edge, a Dimension Line or a Construction Line and turn on the Triangulation command then put in the measures of the two diagonal edges.

Apply the second command to convert an element cicling: Edge / Dimension Line / Construction Line.

Use the third command to include a dimension line from point to point on XY plane. Apply the fourth command to insert a control point on XY plane.

NB: this extension can only perform with elements applied on XY plane (Z = 0)

This sketchup plugin is available in extension warehouse.

Go through the following demo video

Skema Survey For Sketchup