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Eneroth Axonometric Projection Plugin for Sketchup

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Eneroth has developed Axonometric Projection Plugin for skethup.This sketchup plugin supports SketchUp 2014, SketchUp 2015.

The sketchup users can use this plugin to deform a group or component as well as reproduce axonometric views and view it from a specified direction.

This plugin is ideal for technical and architectural drawings specially for line drawing.

Workflow: To deal with uncomplicated models, all content is usually converted into a component. A copy of this component is diverged slightly from the original and not shown in the view and the tool is applied on it.

For more complex models the complete model is imported (File > Import) to a blank Sketchup file and the tool is being used to this imported component. This component is loaded up in the component browser to revise the axonometric view once the master model is drawn to.

An extensive array of projections like isometric, dimetric, trimetric, cavalier, cabinet and approximations of these are used by adjusting the angle for right and left axes (calculated from horizontal) and scale on all 3 axes.

Download Eneroth Axonometric Projection Plugin for Sketchup.

Eneroth Axonometric Projection Plugin for Sketchup