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Eneroth has developed Eneroth Relative Top View for sketchup. This sketchup plugin supports SketchUp 6, SketchUp 7, SketchUp 8, SketchUp 2013, SketchUp 2014, SketchUp 2015.

The sketchup professionals can use this plugin to arrange plan views which are coordinated with a building or other content devoid of getting north up.

It is a minute script that can produce a top view sequenced with the previous view in the same manner top view beneath Standard Views is sequenced with front view.

Initially, set the camera so it directs towards what should be upwards in the top view, e.g. by clicking right on a face or section plane and opt for Align View. After that, apply the script from Camera > Eneroth Relative Top View.

There are some issues with this sketchup plugin. It is called from Camera > Standard Views > Relative Top but attaching entries to subsisting sub menus is not validated by the API.

Download Eneroth Relative Top View

Eneroth Relative Top View for sketchup