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Make estimation for your Sketchup components in realtime with Estimator for Sketchup Plugin

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The sketchup users can now estimate in real-time inside sketchup with Estimator for sketchup plugin. This sketchup plugin only supports sketchup 2015.

The sketchup users can make estimate for any component, wheather it may be a stud, bolt, window, dishwasher or any nested component, as well as layer and material and save these informations into a easy to use, time-saving templates. Thus the users can find out the required project cost from intial to completion phase.

This sketchup plugin can apply length, area and volume attributes for producing proper estimation. The plugin can also insert quotes for labor and other unsubstantial cost to cover all costs concering the project.

It is a paid plugin and can be purchased from sketchup extension warehouse.

Estimator for Sketchup website

Estimator for sketchup plugin