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Infinite Skills offers Learning SketchUp Pro 2015 Training Video

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Infinite Skills offer a project-based video tutorial series to learn Sketchup Pro 2015. In this tutorial series there will be total 112 tutorial videos which will take 5.5 hours to complete. It will be a practical training course to improve your skills for applying Sketchup Pro 2015 in real world applications.

The renowned author Dan Brown will perform as the course instructor in this SketchUp Pro 2015 training course. By going through this video tutorial you can learn how to apply this useful & simplified 3D modeling program to create the model of a home from the very beginning. This course is intended for the beginner’s sketchup users and no prior experience is necessary with SketchUp or 3D modeling program.

Dan will start by providing training on how to organize the template and toolbars and how to use the basic drawing tools, like the line, rectangle and rotated rectangle, circle, and freehand tool. After that one will learn how to produce diverse types of roofs. Dan will teach you how to arrange the model, make the second floor and supplementary openings as well as import and edit textures.

Daniel also focuses on how to generate the ceiling, staircase, doors and windows, fireplace, and kitchen. You will gather knowledge on how to make use of the 3D warehouse and include furniture, model furniture from a photograph, and make the exterior of the home. At the end of the course, one can learn how to generate a rendering composite in Photoshop, produce a presentation through layout, and render and export.

After completing the course successfully, you will get the ability to use the tools obtainable within SketchUp to generate your own 3D models. Working files are provided with the course which you can pursue together with the author all through the lessons.

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Infinite Skills offers Learning SketchUp Pro 2015 Training Video
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