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Learn how to produce steel structural model with sketchup – Exclusive sketchup tutorials by Digital Tutors

SketchUp Tutorial

Digital Tutors offers exclusive online sketchup tutorials for sketchup professionals. In sketchup tutorials series, there will be bit by bit instructions for generating steel structural model.

You can learn from the beginning and familiar with grids and foundations. Afterwards, you will be guided by working with structural profiles situated in your 3d warehouse. Be trained with categorizing building elements into layers as well as color coded components.

As soon as all the columns, beams and joists are positioned well, you will be able to produce your custom open web joist component which can be used to support the roof.

At the end of this sketchup course, you can acquire necessary skills for dealing with layers, colors and components which are import for modeling purpose.

Topics covered:-

  • Introduction & project overview
  • Drawing the grid lines for the structure
  • Modeling isolated foundations for the structure
  • Modeling the wall foundations around the structure
  • Modeling and placing base plates on foundations
  • Modeling and placing columns on the grid

  • Modeling and placing large beams and griders
  • Modeling and placing floor joists
  • Creating a custom open webjoist layout
  • Modeling the top cord of the open webjoist
  • Modeling the web members of the open webjoist
  • Finishing placement of web members
  • Modeling the bottom chord of the open webjoist
  • Placing the open webjoists onto beams
  • Slopping the roof support structure
  • Adjusting interior column heights
  • Modeling gusset plates for lateral supports
  • Modeling cross bracing with angle profiles
  • Modeling a steel connection for columns and beams
  • Placing the steel connections

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Learn how to produce steel structural model with sketchup
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