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LightUp version 3.3 for Sketchup

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LightUp facilitates the sketchup users to experience realtime walkthrough and flythough of their completely lit model, all operating within SketchUp.

The users can cleanly provide light sources in their Sketchup model and pass on Touring mode and discover the view of the model from various angels. Change the time of year as well as day to carry out shadow study by means of the superior Rayleigh sunlight model. LightUp is very useful for producing stunning architectural scenes within sketchup.

The latest version of LightUP for sketchup is Lightup 3.3. This newest version comes with some sophisticated features, developments and speed improvements. Lightup 3.3 for sketchup can significantly speed up the times for lighting and enhance the quality of the output.

Lightup 3.3 contains some exclusive features like Vertex Lighting, No Backface Culling, Lambert-Beer transparency, Preview Thumbnail, IES Rectangular luminous opening, Edge Styling, modified Collada export etc.

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LightUp version 3.3 for Sketchup