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The renowned Architect and Sketchup Enthusiast, Kirill B has developed LSS Arch Lite for Sketchup. It is a modified version of LSS Arch.It is a paid sketchup extension that can be used to sketch and edit basic building elements like walls, columns, slabs etc.

LSS Arch Lite for Sketchup only supports sketchup 2016. The complete version of LSS Arch can include labels, create lists, model advanced geometry like terrain meshes etc.

Features of full version :-

Drawing: The sketchup extension is applied to draw the followings :-

  • walls
  • columns
  • beams
  • slabs
  • slope objects (for example roofs)
  • openings
  • thick face objects

Editing: The users can recreate objects which are edited manually (with native SketchUp tools) as well as modify parameters of selected objects produced earlier with LSS Arch Lite extension tools.

How to use this plugin

Activate LSS Arch Lite Toolbar

1. Go to SketchUp Main Menu>>View>>Toolbars and open the dialog box of Toolbar...
2. Locate 'LSS Arch Lite' toolbar inside the list of toolbars
3. Turn on equivalent checkbox to activate 'LSS Arch Lite' toolbar
4. (optional) right-click anyplace at SketchUp's toolbar area and activate 'LSS Arch Lite' toolbar through pop-up menu.

Link for download LSS Arch Lite For Sketchup

LSS Arch Lite For Sketchup