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Maker Faire Design Challenge 2014

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Maker Media is going to organize this year’s Maker Faire Design Challenge on May 17 & 18, 2014 at San Mateo Event Center, Bay Area, CA.

Maker Faire refers to a family-friendly carnival of innovation, inventiveness and resourcefulness, and a festivity of the Maker movement. Maker Faire focuses on the innovation and experimentation across the gamut of science, engineering, art, performance and craft.

Maker Faire is a meeting place for captivating, interested people who loves to learn as well as showcase their work. It’s a place for makers to illustrate their work and interrelate with others about it.

In this event, there will be a new collaborative project amid the maker community that brings the better Maker Faire experience.

In conjunction with the team at MAKE and ShopBot Tools, Maker Media will start the Maker Faire Design Challenge, a contest designed for designing and fabricating the information kiosk that facilitates the visitors navigate Maker Faire. If anybody’s design is recognized, Maker Media will work with them and create their project collectively at Maker Faire Bay Area in May. Once the event will come to an end, the selected designs will be included in Maker Faire’s event quiver, and the open-sourced design will be distributed with Maker Faires worldwide.

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Maker Faire Design Challenge 2014