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Overview of Modelur for Sketchup

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Modelur is a sketchup extension useful for urban designer that can make and alter parametric buildings. The sketchup users can directly access this sketchup extension through extension warehouse as well as from as an installer download.

Modelur is an user-friendly and innovative software specifically designed for urban designer that can simplify the parametric urban design process as well as instantly generate conceptual urban massing. It measures major urban control parameters instantly and supplies crucial information when design is still in development stage. It facilitates the designers to undertake reasonable decision throughout the initial design phase.

With Modelur, the users will be able to swiftly generate, compare and assess various design alternatives and scenarios. The users can obtain quantitative and qualitative (visual 3D) data equally at the time of undertaking decisions as well as efficiently authenticate various design proposals toward the requisites and ensure to select the most effective solution for future progression.

Modelur integrates all-new design method that produces an interactive solution space to adjust every building to already specified zoning rules like permissible building heights or land uses.

Thus, the users can get feedback quickly and conveniently view how zoning rules really influence each building at particular location and ensure that each building is adhered by (municipality’s) zoning rules simultaneously.

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Overview of Modelur for Sketchup
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