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Modelur Team has developed MODELUR (Urban Design) for sketchup. This useful sketchup extension is useful for parametric urban design & rapid massing exercise. This tool can be easily incorporated into sketchup.

With this sketchup extension, the users can instantly produce and analyze various urban design alternatives. Besides, measuring urban control indicators in real-time, this plugin also sends notification if the buildings are arranged very close unitedly.

The most updated version of Modelur will be launched very soon and the users can avail it by sending invitation through this form. The Modelur Team will send beta invitation throughout the first quarter of 2016.

MODELUR (Urban Design) for sketchup contains the following exclusive features :-

  • User-friendly and insightful like SketchUp,
  • parametric buildings,
  • parametric land applications,
  • real-time estimation of Urban Control Indicators,
  • send alerts once specific constraints are not fulfilled (ie buildings are to close together),
  • obtainable in various languages and free of cost in Pre-beta Partner program!

In order to test modelur, the users have to abide by the terms and conditions of the Pre-beta Partner program. To get the demonstration of modelur, visit YouTube channel. For any further queries, go through the Google Groups Forum or send an e-mail.

Download MODELUR (Urban Design) for Sketchup

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