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3Ds Max Design Architectural Visualization

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Brian L. Smith has written an exclusive book focusing on Design Architectural Visualization with 3DS Max. The book is useful for intermediate 3DS max users and cover the most updated version of 3ds Max.

The book contains 560 pages and available in English. The max users can gather knowledge in producing professional-level architectural visualizations quickly and efficiently with time-saving practices and tested production-ready tips.

Table of Contents-

  • CHAPTER 1 Understanding Architectural Drawings
  • CHAPTER 2 Preparing AutoCAD Lineworkfor 3ds Max
  • CHAPTER 3 Creating Walls, Windows, and Doors(Part I)
  • CHAPTER 4 Creating Walls, Windows, and Doors(Part 2)
  • CHAPTER 5 Creating Roofs
  • CHAPTER 6 Creating Furniture
  • CHAPTER 7 Creating 2D Sites
  • CHAPTER 8 Creating 3D Sites
  • CHAPTER 9 Creating Backgrounds
  • CHAPTER 10 Creating Vegetation
  • CHAPTER 11 Introduction to mental ray
  • CHAPTER 12 Global Illumination
  • CHAPTER 13 Lighting Strategies
  • CHAPTER 14 mental ray Materials
  • CHAPTER 15 Unwrap UVW
  • CHAPTER 16 Compositing
  • CHAPTER 17 Photoshop Techniquesfor Visualization
  • CHAPTER 18 The Animation Process
  • CHAPTER 19 Managing System Resources

Nine different recognized authors from various countries have shared some comprehensive instructions as well as experiences & expertise and through which the max users can transform them from intermediate to an advanced level for a real production environment.

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3Ds Max Design Architectural Visualization