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The world’s first European 3D Basecamp is scheduled to be held in RIBA in London on September 9th and 10th.

In this year’s 3D Basecamp UK, near about 250 SketchUp enthusiasts from different corner of the world will be acquainted with each other, be trained as well as showcase their work.

The attendees can make early registration at discounted price of £175.

Program Schedule :-

Day One :- Presenter : Andrew Dwight
Topic : Building Information Modeling in SketchUp
This workshop is based on PlusSpec and BIM and specifically designed for intermediate workshop. One can learn how to apply PlusSpec and BIM tools to increase productivity, reduce costs and save time.

Presenter : Mike Bell
Topic : SketchUp to LayOut & Pitch Presenting
This workshop is based on SketchUp to LayOut and pitch presentation. By attending this workshop one can learn how to present the final ideas to clients in pdf / web / aug reality / video formats.

Topic : Skalp
Presenter : Jeroen Theuns and Guy Wydouw from Skalp Team
This workshop will teach you how to use Skalp for Sketchup for generating Live Section Cuts and Pattern Designer. Attendees can learn how to efficiently incorporate Skalp into your ConDoc workflow through SketchUp and LayOut.

Topic : Realtime Interactive Rendering using LightUp TBC
Presenter : Adam Billyard, LightUp developer
This workshop will teach you how to select a archetypal SketchUp interior scene and produces stills and animations instantly.

Day Two :
Topic : Advanced Landscape Architecture
Presenter : Max Coppoletta, the renowned SketchUp Certified Trainer
Max Coppoletta represents his common workflows and practices which are useful to create landscaping projects with SketchUp. This workshop will demonstrate native tools and extensions to maneuver your scenes for getting best possible outcomes.

Topic : Introduction to Skatter for SketchUp
Presenter : Thomas Hauchecorne, Layer Panel developer
This workshop will demonstrate Skatter, the next-gen extension for Sketchup. This tool is used to populate any scene with realistic grass. Produces vast forests or even urban sprawls.

Topic : Get faster feedback on your models with EDG3D
This work will teach you how distribute any sketchup model safely with EDG3D, a superior extension for sketchup that supports scenes, layers, components and physically based materials in a web browser.

Topic : Building classical architecture in SketchUp
Presenter : Felix Heuman & Anders Lyhagen
This workshop will improve your knowledge to leverage the modeling aptitude of SketchUp by writing and applying conventional ruby scripts. A robust workflow for modeling through painstaking precision in 100% non-overlapping solids.

Topic : From 3D file into an interactive presentation
Presenter : Thomas Keinzl, founder of KOMME®Z and a pioneer in the field of interactive 3D solutions
This workshop will focus on edddison, a software and hardware solution for interacting with SketchUp in real-time.

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Participate with the 3D Basecamp UK 2015
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