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E-on software added a wing to its LumenRT 2015 series by introducing LumenRT 2015.5. The existing LumenRT 2015 customers can access this latest version from their account page to obtain this new update.

E-on software also expands its present CGAwards promotion upto July 19, 2015. The Artists can obtain 50% on their purchase. The special offer can be applied for all e-on software products like VUE, PlantFactory, LumenRT, Carbon Scatter and CloudFactory.

The 2015.5 release includes following crucial features :-

  • Up to 20x Faster: Greater optimizations concerning LumenRT Real-Time engine that offers smoother playback of LiveCubes™.
  • Support for PlantFactory 2015: Edit and animate Latest LumenRT plant species can be edited & animated. Edit LumenRT plants in PlantFactory effortlessly. New species are generated and saved directly to the LumenRT library.
  • NEW addition of Plugins: LumenRT 2015.5 is now supported with Esri CityEngine 2015 and Autodesk Revit 2016.
  • NEW and reorganized Content Library: LumenRT 2015.5 contains a set of new plant species, and all obtainable plants are optimized for the new Real-time engine.
  • Precise Positioning: Set any imported content in the LumenRT scene perfectly with new numerical position, orientation and scale inputs.

The users can avail all the new updates and fixes from the software updates section.

LumenRT Studio and GeoDesign Trial versions are updated to the 2015.5 release in summer 2015. The customers will be able to download the 2015.1 Trials from

Go through the following videos to learn how to edit accessible plants in LumenRT as well as how to include entirely new plants from PlantFactory to the LumenRT library.

plant modeling with LumenRT 2015.5
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