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LoopLab Plugin 1.0.0

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Renderiza is the author of LoopLab plugin. The latest version is LoopLab 1.0.0.

The plugin is compatible with sketchup 13. The sketchup users can apply this plugin to pick edges that are associated with a loop.

In order to access the plugin visit sketchUcation plugin Store and select menu. After that click on plugins, then select Renderiza Tools and finally choose LoopLab.

The users can also get it from context menu. Just right click and select LoopLab.

How to use it:-

  • Opt for an edge prior to apply this plugin.
  • Plugin can only perform if geometry is formed with quads.
  • Presently the users are unable to choose another loop if one is selected previously.

Downloadable link -

LoopLab plugin 1.0.0