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[Re]Scene plugin for sketchup

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[Re]Scene plugin for sketchup is developed by Renderiza, the renowned architect. [Re]Scene sketchup plugin is compatible with SketchUp 8, SketchUp 2013 as well as Mac OS X and Windows.

[Re]Scene plugin facilitates the sketchup users to relate the present page style to other pages integrated with animation. [Re]Scene plugin for sketchup contains the following exclusive features:-

  • [Re]Style – With a single click, it can bring styles properties upto date to scenes incorporated in animation.
  • [Re]Name - Renames all scenes integrated in animation and inserts increasing number at the end.
  • [Re]Order – Change the positions of all scenes in alphabetical order.

In order to avail the plugin, visit sketchup extension warehouse and select plugin, then Renderiza Tools and click on [Re]Scene. Alternatively one can access it from Context menu or Toolbar.

ReScene plugin for sketchup