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Caravaggio™ for sketchup is obtainable in two diversified versions ranging from Render and Studio for Windows and OS X. Caravaggio™ comes up with the most superior impartial & physically accurate rendering techniques supported by Heuristic Bidirectional Path Tracing engine.

Reproduces the physics of light and accomplishes naturalistic renderings of the scenes. It also minimizes time with bouncing errors collection. The plugin can be incorporated with SketchUp Free and Pro and quickly restore all SketchUp settings similar to geometry, camera, sun, colors, textures, etc.

All individual version of Caravaggio can render even previews at any resolution or quality and the sketchup users can get rid locking of complicated scenes. With the proxy objects technology the rendering practice can also be enhanced to a great extent.

The sketchup users can render any project devoid of modifying anything in sketchup. Then if they like, they can apply the followings:-

  • Material editor – facilitates the users to include their own precise settings like spectacular reflection, transparency with IOR, Bump, etc.
  • Light editor – It allows users to include various type of lights with soft shadows (area lights, point light, HDR image-based light, etc.).

With the numerous setting of its 7 cores engine system, the plugin put superior control to rendering power.

Visit the website,, to download ( a fully-functional free DEMO version without limitation of time (200 Renderings).