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Eneroth Attribute Editor 1.0 is very useful for sketchup professional

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Renowned architect Eneroth has developed Eneroth Attribute Editor. It is compatible with SketchUp 8, SketchUp 2013 and SketchUp 2014.

Eneroth Attribute Editor is a highly developed attribute editor that supports classes similar to arrays, vectors (vector3d) and points (point3d) as well as a wide array of entities ranging from definitions, layers, materials and models.

In order to apply it, select any attributes for an entity selected in the model, right click it and opt for ‘Attribute Editor”. For additional entities choose something in the model utilizing that entity (component definition, material or layer) and choose 'Plugins > Attribute Editor'.

There may be several attribute windows open while making comparison or copying values amid various entities. Select a value to edit it and a key to rename it as well as the attribute dictionary header to rename the complete dictionary.

At the time of allocating a model, the model id for 3dwarehouse is saved like an attribute to the model entity. If any users prefer to re-upload a model devoid of restoring the existing version in 3dwarehouse, or replacing an older version of a model that the users overlooked to save after uploading, the users have to set the model id manually.

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With this extension, opt for 'Plugins > Attribute Editor > Current model' and modify the key "ModelID" in the dictionary "3DWarehouse".

To obtain the id of a model in 3dwarehouse, choose what's between "?id=" and either "&" or the end of the URL.

Eneroth Attribute Editor 1.0 is very useful for sketchup professional