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GreenspaceLive has developed gModeller for sketchup, an useful energy analysis plugin for Trimble sketchup. The plugin is based on the gbXML standard and allows architects, designers and energy modellers to apply sketchup for generating gbXML and EnergyPlus files which contain useful information for competent building design and energy modeling.

The building designers utilize the plugin to garnish 3D sketchup building models involving gbXML surfaces and openings to recognize and label gbXML spaces, and to import and export gbXML models.

In order to perform energy analysis and certification, apply gModeller to rapidly export any models to , gEnergyEPC, GreenBuildingStudio and other tools.

gModeller contains the following functionalities:-

  • Transform your accessible SketchUp models into gbXML and EnergyPlus models instantly
  • Categorize and label model surfaces and spaces.
  • Turn any models compatible at once with most energy and 3D modelling systems
  • Import obtainable gbXML models to view and edit in Trimble SketchUp
  • Export EnergyPlus models and run online within gEnergy to evaluate the performance of the models.

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