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IMSI/Design is the developer of IDX Renditioner for sketchup. It is a simplified photorealistic rendering plug-in for sketchup that consists of outsized content libraries, supreme quality lighting control, views as well as applied attributes.

The 3d modelers & artists can apply this plugin for creating elegant design concepts involving architectural & film and stage visualization, interior design, lighting design, film & stage.

With this plugin the 3D professional can minimize their rendering time to a great extent and accomplish rendering process within about 5-20 min.

IDX Renditioner contains the following exclusive features:-

  • Am innovative one-click interface
  • Compatible with SketchUp and SketchUp Pro
  • Rapid multithreading useful for larger files
  • Outsized 16 megapixel images intended for stunning print presentations
  • Automatic application of SketchUp geometries, materials, and sun position
  • Natural lighting effects and working light components
  • Ability to produce material bump maps automatically
  • Simply added material finishes (mirror, polished, etc.), and more

Renditioner Series:-

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IDX Renditioner Google Sketchup Plugin