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IES (Virtual Environment) plug-in to SketchUpfacilitates the users to get crucial sustainable design information that range from location, building type, room type, construction types and HVAC systems to a SketchUp model and then import it directly into an IES tool for analysis, without having to re-build any geometry.

IES VE plugin is well matched with the Free and Pro versions of SketchUp (version 6 and above).

The plug-in allows SketchUp users a wide of array of model building tools useful for generating 'best practice' geometry for performance analysis.

The plugin contains the following exclusive features:-

  • SketchUp models are translated directly to be utilized with other tools like VE-Ware, VE-Toolkits, VE-Gaia and VE-Pro.
  • Promptly allocate vital data associated with location, building, room, construction and HVAC type.
  • Display the impact of different design options, quantifying energy savings expected and aiding in the design of Building Management Systems.
  • Identify where substantial reductions in energy use can be realised during the design process.
  • Calculate performance against rating systems and regulation compliance.

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IES VE SketchUp plugin