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LightUp for SketchUp facilitates the sketchup users to transform any sketchup scenes to the next level by inserting realistic, realtime lighting to the sketchup models. The sketchup users can put elegant reflected light, area lights, point lights, sunlight as well as soft shadows, subtle heading etc.

After giving lighting effect, the sketchup users can explore their lit models in realtime and produce stills having high resolution (9000x5000) and stunning movies with sketchup scenes. The sketchup users can also make a walkthrough of their model.

The sketchup users can export their lit model to a compressed file with textures and scenes and distribute it with other through the the free LightUp Player or LightUp Web Player.

LightUp for sketchup contains the following exclusive features:-

  • Export lit model to other Apps
  • Realtime animated water
  • Export Dynamic Component animation
  • Superior Intel GPU support
  • Realtime planar reflections (useful for floors, glazing)
  • Realtime sun shadows
  • Supports 24 core rendering
  • IES lights starter pack
  • Vertex lighting modes
  • No backface cull modes
  • Skybox backdrops
  • Ambient Occlusion
  • HDR image-based lighting

The new release of LightUp (v3.0) is now available, in demo and retail form.

LightUp Reseller Contact Details - VMV cad-adviseurs bv, Bierstraat 123c, 3011XA Rotterdam,, Contact:

Student / Educator Version - Shanghai Zhen Xun Information Technology Co., Ltd. -, Contact:, Tel: 13391337166, Fax: 021-60732090-9067.

LightUp for SketchUp