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Parametric Urban Design for SketchUp with Modelur Plugin

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Modelur is an intuitive 3d application that comes up with a series of operative tools for transforming parametric urban design to the next level.

The plugin can be easily integrated with sketchup and compatible with SketchUp 7, 8 & 2013 version.

The plug-in contains some exclusive features like simple and well-organized interface, Parametric design of built environment, Batch modifications of the complete built area, diversified colors show various land usages, visualization of planning inconsistencies, on-screen display existing urban control values, adaptive multilingual user interface, well versed with Works on Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, connectivity with Google Earth, Sun illumination study, insert landscape elements to the model.

The usefulness of the plugin:-

  • Create quick design of built environment.
  • Real-time computation of Urban Control Indicators.
  • React instantly to modified conditions concerning designed site.
  • Automatic modification of built environment.
  • Rapidly generate diversified alternatives concerning urban design solution.
  • Circumventing errors issued generated through wrong building articulation.
  • Constant supervision regarding achieved urban control values.
  • The plugin is free in Pre-beta Partner program.
  • Accessible in various languages.

In order to download make registration with the site - Downloadable link

Parametric Urban Design for SketchUp with Modelur Plugin